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  • Train service disruptions and alterations (Oct 25 – Dec 14)

    A new S-Bahn train station is currently being built at the new Gateway Gardens district near Frankfurt Airport (FRA). To connect the new station with the existing rail network, extensive construction works are required – leading to train service disruptions and alterations. Therefore, if you travel to/from Frankfurt Airport by train during the period from October 25 through December 14, please be aware of the following changes:

    Closure of FRA’s regional train station from October 26 until December 14

    Frankfurt Airport’s regional train station will be closed from October 26 until December 14. During this period, suburban train (S-Bahn) lines S8 and S9 will arrive at and depart from FRA’s long-distance train station. Some long-distance train services will be diverted, and will not stop at Frankfurt Airport.

    Detailed information on train service alterations and replacement schedules can also be found at the websites of RMV (www.rmv.de) and Deutsche Bahn (www.bahn.com), or via the respective apps.



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